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Welcome to CIAYO Corp

A Creative Tech Company Focused Solely on Collaborations

Elevating local creative minds to be a powerhouse with global perspective that leaves an impact for society.


"A Creative Tech Company Focused Solely on Collaborations "

At CIAYO Corp, we realize that our company is nothing without you - as the customer, partner, investor.
Knowing that we eliminate the downside of competition and replace it with something better: Collaboration.
Simple enough to execute, yet challenging enough to turn into something we deeply care about.
More than just a startup, we are here for you and with you. We are CIAYO Corp.

"Engange. Create. Collaborate"

Some of the most innovative creations do not happen just inside one head. It has always been a collective effort where two minds, or more, join forces and give rise to something that is more than they could ever have hoped for. Today, we recognize the power of collaboration. By collaborating with us, we aim to become the right partner for your success.

Three Pillars of CIAYO Corp


Faith lies within the core of our products. It is the integrity of maintaining quality - the precise detail we aim for each of our creation. When things go awry faith stays unconditionally.


This pillar signifies the love that runs in and out of the team and to in-between divisions. Love stands to ensure the team is solid and in perfect harmony, even when swayed by external causes.


Trust represents the bond between leaders, seniors, and founders towards every employee. Trust is the foundation of unshakable rapport, thus is not to be given easily, but when we trust, we trust deeply.

Our Products



CIAYO Comics is a digital platform where millennials could enjoy all kind of webcomic with various visual style. All comic is straight from the best Indonesian creators.



CIAYO Games is a fresh Studio Game Developer - The best that Indonesia has to offer, with quality in mind, we aim to craft fresh and highly entertaining games. Proudly local, ambitiously global.



CIAYO Blog is an information portal where visitors can find various news about comics, pop culture, games, toys, animation film, unique facts, tips and everything about Indonesian comic artist.


CIAYO Stream

CIAYO Stream is mobile gaming and livestreaming platform with state-of-the-art technology and services. CIAYO Stream is built with the belief that we are always free to choose what and how we play, when and wherever we are.


Bluring the lines between work and play

As a creative company, we understand the deep craving for creation. There are times where you went out and spending hours and coffees just to make that little pixel looks good. Here at CIAYO Corp, you could have not only the opportunity to develop your ideas with the latest tech, but also some of the brightest minds whom you’ll be working alongside with.
So what’s stopping you? Your desk awaits

iOS Developer

Android Developer

Frontend Engineer

Backend Developer

You have the skills and the passion. We have vehicle and the direction. Why not join forces? Reach out and we'll be in touch in no time

Interested? then let us know.


The Dragon Building fl. 5
Mangga Dua Square
Jln. Gunung Sahari Raya no. 1
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14420


Phone: +62 (21) 6231 0222 


CIAYO Comics 
CIAYO Games 
CIAYO Stream


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.